We are offering this radiant, framed certificate to those who will commit to financial support for children sick with cancer and the families who find it difficult to cope with the trauma and practical dilema of a sick child.

Ongoing funds are needed to continue our work. You are invited to donate a minimum amount of $150 per year to this most worthy cause. A certificate will be awarded each year for donations, beginning with 2000 as shown.

Why should you become a regular supporter?

  1. By displaying your Certificate of Appreciation in a prominent position in your business or organisation, you will receive recognition by the community of your generosity and support of children sick with cancer.
  2. Tax Benefits for you or your business. The Australian Tax Office has approved donations above the amount of $2.00 to this charity, as a tax deduction. Quote reference number DGR461492. Official receipts are issued.
  3. Personal satisfaction gained from the knowledge that your contribution, will make a difference to a family facing the many difficulties and challenges, of coping with a child in the family suffering with cancer. There is great personal fulfilment, gained from the experience of "sharing the burden".

We ask you to take a moment, to consider the terrible impact the diagnosis of cancer has on a child and the family. Not knowing the outcome of treatment as well as the stress of travel, the non-medical costs associated with treatment, the disruption of family life and schooling can often lead to the breakdown of the family relationship.

Children's Cancer Welfare Services Inc will offer practical and financial assistance to needy families by way of counselling support, home modification, subsidised transport and accomodation, home help and respite opportunities for parents. We believe, that by reducing some of the stress on parents and their families, the opportunity for the sick child to recover is enhanced. Our committee is also aware that the sick child will need the moment to enjoy life and the company of others outside the treatment setting. We will work with other charities to give the sick child some quality time in their period of recovery.

Please send details of the organisation or private name, to appear on the certificate with your donation to :

Children's Cancer Welfare Services Inc
P.O. Box 791
Mittagong NSW 2575

To make a donation, click here.

We accept cheques, money orders, Amex, mastercard and visacard.

Children's Cancer Welfare Services